An Unexpected Journey

Welcome to a new adventure!

It’s a rather long tale of how this blog came to be, but we are excited to get it off the ground.  The vision has been in place for awhile to host a blog in and around the subject of Foster Care & Adoption at One Heart.  The desire is to share the heart, the journey, the struggle, the triumphs of Foster Care & Adoption from the perspective of those living it.

Over time, we expect that this blog could grow into a great resource and likely will evolve to include not just our stories/thoughts but also guest posts, advice, links to other helpful encouragement, and more.  Honestly, it is hard to know what God will do — but it’s important we trust Him and take those steps forward when prompted.  Thus, here we are!

So who are WE?  Well, we are the Maloys!  We actually have been blogging our own Foster Care/Adoption journey thus far & the opportunity presented itself for us to pop over here to One Heart and help bring the vision for a One Heart Blog to life.  We are big fans of One Heart for a lot of reasons — most recently completing our Foster Care Classes there in December 2017.  But before I run down another rabbit trail… I should finish the introduction of who is typing!  My name is Brian Maloy, and my wife’s name is Clara — we’ll both be writing initially on this blog (yep, that’s us in the photo & Beau the Border Collie).  Clara is a 4th grade teacher & I am in marketing.  We began our Foster Care journey well over a year ago, but officially this past summer in 2017.  For a long time we knew God had called us to help fulfill the call to care for the widow & orphan in this manner, and after a season of prayer — we took the plunge toward Foster Care!

In the spirit of being orderly & making some attempt at introducing how the blog will initially play out, I am switching to bullet points:

  • We will be continuing to ‘blog’ our Foster Care journey moving forward here on this Blog,  Our heart is that it will be an encouragement to other families either walking through a similar journey, or even considering Foster Care.
  • We will post our previous blog entries from our personal blog, over here on One Heart’s Blog — we want them to provide the story UP to this point, giving you the full narrative.
  • We could have ‘guest’ bloggers in the future…
  • We are open to suggestions & really want to build a dialogue — we should all be lifelong learners and definitely have things we can learn and share together.

So welcome to this new adventure, this GREAT adventure (suddenly I am singing Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman… any other early 90’s music fans?… or was that just a reference I chuckled at…?  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to me)We are thrilled you’re here reading & even though we may not know you yet — we pray daily that God uses this little endeavor/blog to encourage the body of Christ and glorify Him.




I (Clara) read something today that stopped me in my tracks.

As excited as you are to be foster parents, the kids aren’t excited to be a foster kid.

I’m learning through the wisdom of others, that it can’t be my personal excitement that drives my desire to be a foster parent. Jesus drives my desire, because without Jesus, I’m confident I’d fall flat. My personal excitement can’t carry me very far. The unfortunate reality is that the only reason I am even able to be a foster parent is because some absolutely awful event has happened to get us here. There is brokenness in the midst of this all, and where there is brokenness there is heartache and there is pain.

No one is excited about heartache and pain. No one desires heartache and pain. Through it all we do desire good to rise out of the bad. We do desire beauty to rise from the ashes.

Through Jesus’s strength we will walk along side a kid or two…or more! And it will be challenging. It will require us to do whatever it takes to bring healing to the situation, and I’m confident it won’t be easy and it won’t always be fun, but there are days that will.

So, instead of being excited, I want to choose to celebrate this season. I want to celebrate that we have the ability to open our home to a child and offer them something they may not have experience in a while…or ever…and that is the love of Jesus.

He offers His love so freely to us, and so as we are wrapped so tightly in His love, we will share that with whatever kiddo He sends our way.

Because of His love for us, and because we can share that love with these children, we will celebrate.

In light of a heavier topic, we thought we would include a few pictures of the kid room. At least how it stands right now. 🙂

Final Homestudy — Check!

Tonight our Social Worker came for our final homestudy. It’s so hard to believe that we are on the downward slope of getting licensed! We are feeling so many emotions, but excitement is at the top of the list!

As of right now, we are looking at being licensed and ready to take in children by the first of the year. We are excited about that timing. It’s hard to not be anxious and wanting everything to happen faster, but we are resting in God’s promise that his timing is perfect. In 3 weeks we will finish our classes and celebrate all that the Lord has done in us with the other 17 people in our class. I️ love how he brought the 19 of us together to walk through these classes together. I love that soon there will be TEN Christian homes ready and willing to usher children into their homes on some of their darkest days. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at times when I️ think about that! One of the couples from our classes live near us, and the husband went to Central, where I️ teach!

Another couple has adopted 6 kids and is ready to bring more kids into their home. The husband is a handyman and will be able to help Brian do small repairs in one of our bathrooms and help him replace the bathtub! It’s so neat how the Lord connects us and brings us all together. It doesn’t hurt that Saint Louis is such a ‘small’ big city. The Christian community has a lot of fun connections! It has been so sweet to share life with this group of people.

We are still feeling so loved and supported by all of our friends and family. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for loving us so well by touching base and asking us how things are going. It really means so much.

An Update!

Brian and I have been overwhelmed (in all of the best ways) by the outpouring of love and support we have received in the past month or so since we shared where we feel the Lord is leading us. So many of you have asked really great questions that have spurred this update! We never intended for this blog to be a place to share updates, but with all of the love and support we have been given it seems foolish to not share what God continues to do in and through us along this journey.

This isn’t the most glamorous of updates, as this is a pretty long a drawn out process…

So, here are the updates:

    • We chose a Ministry to take our foster certification classes at. One Heart Family Ministries has a lot of really fun ties for us, and we are excited to learn from them!
    • Our classes begin on October 2nd.
    • Our home study process should begin soon. For me, Clara, that makes things seem even more real! As many of you know this is a pretty invasive and tedious process…so here we go! 🙂
    • So many of you have encouraged us in really tangible ways with different resources, blogs, and people you know who have walked this journey. It has been really cool to see the good and less good/fun parts of this journey that some of you have already walked through.
    • We have also learned of so many of our friends that are walking through a similar season to us. We are so grateful for the dinner/lunch invitations and the openness so many of you have come to us with. We are grateful for this support system that is growing!

Thank you for the prayers! Hopefully we will have interesting updates for you soon. 🙂